Pursuant to section 5 clause 2 of our Terms of Service (found here), the below document contains any tertiary services that we may offer in addition to the ones laid out under our Service Agreement. You understand  and agree that;

a) the terms laid out in this page are read in addition to the terms laid out under our service agreement  and never separate to it.

b) you are bound by these terms in addition to our Service Agreement

c) should you breach any part of our terms you immediately disqualify yourself from access to any rewards (regardless of whether they are already rewarded)


We may, from time to time, create and offer certain promotional codes, rewards, prizes and / or referral codes. (collectively called “rewards”) that you redeem against purchases on Our Site.

When we do, we offer them solely and completely at our own discretion. We reserve the absolute right to amend, change and or remove any part of any reward, at any time; without prior notice to you, or any third party, and without notification to you. We offer no guarantees or promises to fulfil any rewards should we remove you access to some or part of them. And we are never liable to you for any claims that should arise from your reliance on these services.

You also understand that:

  • A reward will only be valid for the period of time we allow them to be;

  • A reward does not hold any monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash;

  • reward is only to be used for personal and non-commercial purposes;

  • A reward may not be duplicated, sold, transferred, distributed or made available to others online by any means;

  • reward may only be used once;

  • If a reward is issued to a specific person (such as in the case of prizes), a reward may only be used by that specific person;

  • You must not make any gain (facial or otherwise) from you use of any rewards.

Any Reward cannot be used in  conjunction with any other Rewards

Terms for Current Promotions.

"30% off"

in addition to  above you understand that:

  • You must have booked before the 31st of July 2019 (31/08/2019) to qualify;

  • The day you are due to receive your treatment (treatment day) must be before the 31st of August 2019 (01/02/2019) to be valid;

  • You must sign up to our site to be eligible to claim the voucher;

  • You must not have made a refund claim (regardless of whether it was successful) at any point;

  • You must not have an ongoing dispute with any of the third party providers;



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