2 People - 2 Therapists

60 Mins - £35 Per Person

Total = £70

What is it?

Our Holistic Facial is quite different from the typical facial. Rather than using harsh chemicals to (more often than you would think) burn away the layers of skin and dirt, our holistic facial is purely based in nature. We use only the purest of ingredients and techniques to bring about beauty in a completely natural way.

How is it performed?

We use uniquely developed massage techniques, coupled with acupressure to first relax the facial muscles so that pores open naturally. Then we use organic compounds to exfoliate the skin followed by a mask that sets on the skin to allow the natural minerals in our mask to penetrate deep into the skin.

What are the benefits?

The goal of the Holistic Facial is to help restore natural beauty to the face by reducing the appearance of tired skin and dark circles under the eyes.

Is it for me?

Because we only use natural products we reduce the risk of irritation associated with some facial brands. But generally this treatment is great for anyone looking to have a little me time.

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