2 People - 2 Therapists

90 Mins - £79 Per Person

Total = £158

What is it?

Our Body Cleanse is the ultimate spa experience and combines two of the most popular Spa treatments, Salt and Oil Scrub + Mineral Mud Wrap. The Salt and Oil Scrub is an exfoliating treatment that uses pure, organic rock salt, combined with a special blend of nourishing oils that has been specifically designed to draw impurities away from the skin, increase blood flow and prepare it for the Mineral Mask Our Mineral Mask is unique to HomeSPA. Its purpose is to renew tired skin by replacing lost nutrients with vitamins and minerals chosen for their ability to help keep skin looking younger for longer.

How is it performed?

The treatment begins with the Body Scrub. Therapist will work the Salt and Oil blend into your skin focusing on any hard, dry or tired looking areas. After that, the therapist will then use warm cleaning mitts to gently remove any excess Salt or Oil. Once the skin is fairly dry again, the therapists will coat the areas worked with our mineral mud mask. And then lastly, you will be carefully wrapped in foil so that you wont lose any heat, and you can relax and absorb all of those wonderful minerals

What are the benefits?

We chose to offer the Scrub and Wrap together because they complement each other perfectly, allowing you to take advantage of the combined myriad of benefits than either would have provided alone. Increased blood flow to the skin, reduction in visible spots, softer skin., reduction in stress... are just some of the things our customers say they feel after this treatment. 

Is it for me?

The body cleanse is not for those short on time. It requires longer prep and longer clean-up time (post treatment) but it is truly a decadent experience that will leave you feeling like you're as soft as a new-born baby.

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