2 People - 2 Therapists

60 Mins - £65 per person

90 Mins - £89 per person

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What is it?

Hot stone therapy is a massage using heated (usually to 122–127 °F/50.0–52.8 °C) stones and it's roots can be traced back to over 2,000 years ago.. The stones are smooth, flat and made of a volcanic rock called basalt. They are specifically chosen because they retain heat. The Hot Stones are then used instead of the therapists hands to massage with. This allows them to use the heat to get deeper into the muscles without applying further pressure, helping you maximize the health benefits of a deep massage, without compromising on relaxation.

How is it performed?

During a hot stone massage, the same techniques of a regular massage are employed; Long sweeping strokes etc, but the therapists uses the Hot Stones as an extension of their hands. As one stone cools, the therapist replaces it with another. The therapists may lay the stones on a particular part of your body to heat it directly to prepare it for further work, or alternate between the stones and their hands should the therapist need to pinpoint a particular area. Whilst the stones are hot they should never cause discomfort and the pressure will vary from medium to firm (dependent on movement and taste) but NEVER painful.

What are the benefits?

As a hot stone massage employs very similar techniques to a regular massage, it carries the same benefits; decreasing harmful toxins, lowering stress levels, Increasing oxygen levels etc. However, because the stones are hot, the heat transfers from the stones to your body. Heat has long been used to ease muscle tension and pain and so this creates a deep healing sensation (almost akin to a deep tissue massage) and means the benefits of a regular massage are enhanced without the need for added pressure

Is it for me?

Hot Stone Therapy requires longer prep time than a traditional Swedish Massage but for those that want to maximize their treatment time, it's perfect. Great for customers with physically demanding jobs, Gym go-ers or Athletes but generally any customer that wants the added benefits than just relaxation alone (although it is great for that).



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