2 People - 2 Therapists

60 Mins - £54 per person

90 Mins - £79 per person

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What is it?

Aromatherapy uses massage, in conjunction with plant materials and aromatic plant oils (including essential oils, and other aroma compounds), to help you reach your desired state...whether that be complete relaxation, or to focus the mind and improve concentration. By recruiting the sense of smell we arouse the deepest parts of the brain governing thoughts, emotions and instinct. When smell is used in conjunction with touch and sound we stimulate the mind, whilst working on the body, to improve your psychological and physical well-being. We specialise in Aromatherapy, and we use our knowledge and experience in the art to craft bespoke massage oils and create 4 distinct versions of this treatment - Uplifting, Relaxing, Sleep Easy, Muscle. 

How is it performed?

How Aromatherapy massage is performed and the benefits garnered from it vary depending on the goal you wish to achieve and which of the 4 distinct version of this massage you chose. Our Relaxing Massage, is a slow, rhythmic massage using delicate strokes. Oils such as lavender and frankincense are blended to create a luxurious feeling. Our Uplifting Massage uses the same pressure as our Relaxing Massage just with an increased tempo. When coupled with oils such as Jasmine and Lemon we bring the mind and the body to focus together. Our Sleep Easy Massage is designed with a feel similar to our first massage. However the oils used here are specifically chosen to help clear nasal and sinus pathways to aid with oxygen intake and breathing during rest. Our Muscle Massage use a specific blend of oils to penetrate deep into the muscles, joints and ligaments, to heat and loosen them up.  When pressure is added through massage the effects combine to help alleviate any muscle soreness.

What are the benefits?

As our Aromatherapy treatments vary from the oils, and compounds used, to the massage techniques employed, the benefits can also vary too. From aiding sleep, to helping you unwind, to providing focus or helping with muscle aches. This treatments benefits vary depending on the goal.

Is it for me?

It is great for customers with mentally demanding jobs, and anyone with increased pressure, anxiety or stress levels, as the oils and smells work to help give a reprieve from mental demands. Generally though, any customer that wants benefits other than just relaxation alone (although it is great for that) will enjoy Aromatherapy.



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